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L'BRI Facial Masque


"Before I tried L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL I was fighting dry skin during the winter and oily skin during the summer. Now I have soft, beautiful skin all year round. Try it... you will not go back to your old products. "


"Great pure and natural skin care. Leaves your skin looking smooth and healthy."


"The color and texture of my skin has never been better...as I approach 50. I even use less makeup than I had before. It is the easiest and most cost effective system I have ever used. As for my teenage daughters, it helped with their problem skin."


"I have super sensitive skin. L'BRI has been awesome for my skin! I didn't think I would ever find a line of skin care products that could work for me. I'm so happy that I decided to give it a try! If you have sensitive skin, please give L’Bri a try, you'll be amazed at the results!"

Patsy Roethle

"Seeing IS believing!"

Deb Patrick

"The skincare products are natural and great for all ages! The new products just keep getting better!"


"Best products I have ever used, and I have tried many, but L'BRI ended my search for great products at affordable prices."


"I love the way L'BRI makes my skin feel!"


"L'BRI is the best line of products I've ever used, and I've tried many over the years. I won't use anything else. Love it!"

Sue Thomas

"It has been wonderful to use a product that does what it says! There is great beauty in healthy skin."




"I've tried several popular brands of skincare that would not keep my face from being oily and clear. L'BRI cleared my face and controls the oiliness and leaves my face soft and clean. Not only is this the only product that has cleared up my mid-life blemishes, but it is a natural product that will in no way harm me or the environment. My skin feels soft, not oily and actually looks quite youthful. I love the results!!!!"


"Most amazing products out there! Give them a try and you'll never want to use anything on your face EVER again!"


"I've been using L'BRI since 2004. I haven't had a breakout since. Prior to L'BRI, I had extremely sensitive, acne prone skin that didn't like much of what I put on it. Thanks L'BRI."

Tracy Schlunz

"I have used many things, but L'BRI is for real. They have all natural products at great prices and they really work. It is not hype. The company stands behind its products, and when you order from them, sometimes they arrive the next day."

Judy Bills

"Well, you wouldn't believe how tight that mask gets but then it just slips off your face with water and you can see the pores are tighter as soon as you rinse off. I've never felt a mask like this one!"


"I love using the L’Bri products. I both use and sell them. I think it's the most incredible product I have put on my skin. I look and feel 100% better than I have in years. I'm hooked!"

Chrissy Taylor

"I will use nothing but L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL for my skin or my baby's skin. This company is amazing, and the product is by far the best ever created."

Pat Sielaff

"L'BRI is an awesome product, all natural, reasonably priced, and shows results in your skin in a very, very short time."

Julie Montoya

"I love every single product L’Bri has. I started with the trio and added other L’Bri products after 30 days."

Brandi Jones

"I like this product because the main ingredient is aloe."

Mari Koepp

"Pure and natural - does it get any better?"


"Once you try it, you'll know why they're the best."


"Your face feels just excellent after you have a facial with L'BRI Products."

Julie Williams

"L'BRI is the best all natural products available. I love what it has done for my skin!!!!!"

Holly Blattner

"The facial masque is incredible, the way it tightens the skin. It makes you look years younger after only 15 minutes!"


"I have used their products for five years, and I love the results. Natural and pure ingredients for your face, what more could you ask for?"


"You just feel like you truly nourish your skin with this all-natural product!"

Christine Lange

"L'BRI changes your skin! It's all natural, cruelty free, and affordable. "


"They use natural, top-of-the-line ingredients, and are amazingly affordable!"

Maggie Lopez

"The facial mask really does feel great and decreases the size of your pores. I have never had a reaction to any of the natural products!"

Rita Hirsch

"It makes your skin very soft and less wrinkles. A younger you."


"L'BRI is an all natural skincare line that works great. I've seen tremendous changes in my skin and in my friends’and family members’ skin. Thanks for such great products!"


"Reps are great and the product is fantastic! :)"

Janice Thacker

"It has been a big part in my life!! I love it!! It has taken years off of my face!! "


"Just try this skin care product. You will be thankful you did! It's wonderful"


"Their products are great and do amazing things, not only for the skin. but the whole body as well."


"Great product!"

Mary Rick

"L'BRI products feel WONDERFUL on my skin! And I know I'm doing something good for my skin when I use it. I love L'BRI!!"

Darlene Garay

"Pure and natural, plus visible results!"

Julie Dregne

"I love the fact that they use natural ingredients. I have used L'BRI for three years now and still love it!!!"

Maria Melcher

"I love the product. It makes my skin feel so soft and clean."


"This is the best product out there. They have really helped my skin."


"My skin has never felt or looked better!"


"Love the fact that they use all-natural, quality ingredients in all their products."

Brianne Littlefield

"I have tried everything else there is to find a product that truly works for my sensitive and constantly changing skin. I became a Consultant for L'BRI to help others find this natural miracle."

Tammy Hogue

"This product is so gentle on your skin. It is absolutely the most wonderful product I have ever used."

Ann Stockero

"My skin has never looked or felt younger. The product is aloe based and all natural. The age defying products are the best!!!"

Carol Urness

"Wonderful feeling and ‘natural’ is the best aromatherapy there is!"


"My face has never looked better! My teenage acne left me with marks for life, but little did I know my face would look great in just a little time with L'BRI. My skin is smooth and soft. Thank you L'BRI!"


"It's the best kept secret in the Milwaukee area...time to share!"


"I think they are the best because my face looks younger and L’Bri is natural with aloe vera as its main ingredient."

Jean Kilby

"The product is all natural and does what it claims it does. I love it!"


"I have been using the products for three years now and I know it's helped me look a lot younger than I am!"

Janice Walsh

"It acts like a mini face lift! No wrinkles and soft skin too!"

Cindy Brown

"L'BRI is all natural and works for all skin types. Plus the eye cream gel heals abrasions quicker."


"Nothing else will ever touch my face again after using L'BRI! It is awesome!!!"


"Their products are all natural and my skin has never looked and felt so good."

Lori Stone

"L'BRI's facial masque not only makes your skin feel better and look better, it makes your skin healthier!!!! Love it!"

Annette Vielleux

"L'BRI is great! I tried everything on my face to help heal my acne, and this is the only product line that worked and is still working!"


"L'BRI has amazing products! My skin looks better than ever, softer, smoother and clearer. L'BRI skin care uses aloe as its first ingredient. Compare their ingredients to other product labels."

Patty Dankert

"No other product has worked so well on my skin. People notice the difference! See me and my hunky hubby Steve.  He's 54 and I am 53."


"Awesome Consultants and excellent products."

Brandy Huettel

"I love L'BRI! It makes my skin feel soft. My skin has never felt or looked better. I never miss a day of my skin care."

Kim Abbey

"It is all natural and you can use the products every day in your own home. The 15 minute face lift is totally incredible. You literally see the difference in a few minutes. The cost is also reasonable. "

J. Schwanz

"I have been using L'BRI products for just about two years after using another well known product for 25 years and I will never go back. L'BRI speaks for itself…all natural products and aloe as the main ingredient. My skin looks younger every day since I have been using the product. I get compliments from people that I haven't seen in a while about how fresh my skin looks...what a great feeling. Not only am I a customer but a Consultant. Thank you L'BRI!"

Kathleen Vohla-Funk

"It is the best product on the market."

Kristi Deckert

"Their products make your skin feel like nothing I have ever felt before. And no added chemicals!!"


"The products that L'BRI offers are amazing, the facial is awesome!"

Jennifer D.

"L'BRI uses no artificial colors or fragrances. It's pure and natural and it works!"

Amanda Krejchik

"All of the L'BRI products are made with all natural substances and are good for your skin. None of them are harmful to you! After using them your skin feels awesome!"

Linda Tinholt

"Natural Ingredients."

Carol Mason

"I like how the products make my skin feel, very soft and firm. I've tried a lot of products and L'BRI is very affordable and the only product I truly saw a difference in my skin with."

Lindsey Ginko

"L'BRI products are so wonderful for your skin with the highest quality ingredients available in skin care products today! You won't spend a fortune and you will see such a difference in your skin you'll be amazed! You and your skin deserve the best naturally-based skin care and cosmetic products. If you aren't using L'BRI for your skin you are missing out. L'BRI's Nutri Aloe juice drink is also something I can't live without. It gives me more energy. I sleep better, and has helped my overall feeling of well being! You can visit the L'BRI homepage for free samples at www.lbri.com. L'BRI's aloe-based products are exceptional!!!"

Pamela Nelson

"L’Bri has made a remarkable improvement in my skin, not just my face. I use all their body care products, so does my mother."

Sandra Stuart

"It makes you feel and look younger!"


"L'BRI helped me with my acne rosacea. No more prescriptions! L'BRI is pure, safe and effective!"

Shirley Welch

"L'BRI's first ingredient is aloe and my customers love the product. One just said her skin has never looked this good and money is no object with her. It's affordable and it works."

Rachel Mayer

"The products are amazing. All pure and natural. I have seen the products do amazing things to peoples' faces or skin conditions."


"L'BRI is the best skin care program I have ever tried. I saw results within the first week of using it. My skin felt smoother and softer! Visit their website and try the samples they offer and experience the L'BRI difference for yourself!"

Sharon Milway

"I love the aloe!!!!!"

Gina LaGalbo

"It is the best skin care ever on this planet!"

Shelly Rudolph

"Their product is made from a natural plant that is associated with healing – the aloe plant. This makes the most sense to me of any ingredient that you would want to put on your skin to help ‘heal’ and protect from aging and any outside elements from the environment that can damage your skin."

Dolores Kay

"L'BRI's facial has given me a mini face lift."

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